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Chip Embedding Adhesion Multi-Functional Testing MachineModel:YMJ-CBT14-15K


Auto detect chip embedding effect. It combines with contact & contactless function detection, module height detection, chip embedding adhesion detection, frequency test and so on. Improve production efficiency and product’s quality. 

Product Detail

Main functions:

1. It replaces the traditional manual detect module embedded effect which improve production

 efficiency and quality.

2. Double card detection, error alarm.

3. High precision arc forming mold cooperate with fiber sensor,  cylinder takes mold up and down, testing bonding strength of card and chip.

4. Chip contacc ATR test and contactless test.

5. According to customer’ requirements, it can add appearance detection after chip embedding  function.

6.Double card operation, dual track card transfer. Simplify the structure of the machine.

7.If module embedding effect is not good, the card will be transferred into waste card box.

8.Vision system can detect the appearance of module embedded.

9. Can be calculated the reference value of Q value in the spectrum analyzer.

10.Vision system, contact and contactless function detection, frequency detection, module height detection are optional.

Components used:

Control  system:                       Mitsubishi PLC 

Servo  system:                         Mitsubishi 

Cylinder:                                   SMC  

Zero-dedect induction switch:   SUNX

Fiber optic sensor:                    Keyence and SUNX

Slider:                                       Taiwan HIWIN

Power supply:                           Taiwan MeanWell

Solenoid  valve:                        SMC

Vacuum generator:                   SMC

Vision system:                           Omron

Frequency spectrograph          Made In China

Technical parameters:

Dimension:                         Approx.L1700*W750*H1550 mm 

Weight:                               Approx.500kg

Power supply:                    AC220~240V 50/60HZ

Power:                               Approx.2KW

Compress Air:                   6 kg /c㎡

Control Method:                 PLC control

Applicable materials:         ISO standard Contact and Contactless card,Embedde  module cards   

Operator:                           1 person

Output:                               About 7000 cards/h(According to card reader and camera testing time)

Product percent of pass:   99.5 %

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