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Full auto milling and embedding machine (Single chip)Model:YMJ-TOT10-3000


This machine is used to mill the cavity on standard card and embed different kinds of chips into the milled cavity. 

Product Detail


Main function:

1.  Integration of cavities milling, vacuum cleaning, cavity detection, glue tape  punching, lamination, module tape punching, module embedding and ATR testing.  


2. Specialized fixture design for card  centering system, protecting the milling depth from the influences of the  card thickness and dimension.

3. Milling program can be designed by  operator, cavity layer can be set 3 layers, each program can be save  individually. 

4. X and Y the two separated milling  stations can mill different profiles at the same time, or individually. It  settles difficult problem of adjusting the center place on two stations while  milling.

5. Z-Axis moving is realized through  guide and ball screw driven by high precision servo motor, to provide the  accurate milling depth. Special tool changing program make tool changing is  fast and convenient. 

6. Depth detection device, double card  detection device, card direction detection device and card correction  functions. 

7. Cards  transferred through belt driven by servo motor ensure the safety and  stability of the machine. 

8. Film  loading is controlled by serve motor with sensor detection. Faulty module can  be distinguished automatically. 

9. IC  tape feeding and collecting automatically.

10. Bad  chips rejected automatically.

11.  Special pick up module structure which ensure module without damage.

12.  Module punching tool positioning by dowel pin.

13.  Strip IC stepping is controlled by servo motor, feeding distance can be  adjusted by parameter, and module has double protection with photoelectric  sensor monitoring. 

14. Servo motor working with high  precision guider and lead screw makes module transfer more stable and  reliable. Module transfer position can be changed easily.

15. Special design for hot press  station makes sure module sticking to plastic card tightly. It is convenient  to change the hot pressers.

16. ATR test system ensures qualified  rate of embedding.

17. Machine no embedding without chip  on the card.

18. Each chip hot welding three times

19. Hot welding head, cold welding  head all have water cooling function, ensure embedding quality.

20. Hot  welding head have X & Y direction fine adjustment function.

21. ATR  checking before card collecting, bad card will be rejected automatically.

22.  Special feeding design avoids unloading double cards caused by static  electricity.

23. With  chip lamination function.

24.  Input magazine and output magazine can be removed.

26. IC  conveying and pre-welding at the same time.


Technical specification

Dimension        Approx  L2000 x W1000 x H1520 (mm)

Weight           Approx1500 kg
 Power supply
     AC380V  50/60HZ
         Approx 8KW
 Compress air:
     6KG /c
 Air consumption
   Approx 800L/min
 Control method
     PC control


1Embedding position  tolerance±0.05mm           

2Embedding flatness  tolerance+0.05mm-0.1mm

3Milling position tolerance±0.05mm

4) Milling size tolerance±0.02mm

5) Milling depth accuracy±0.015mm

6) Module punching accuracy±0.05mm

7) Glue tape punching accuracy±0.05mm

8) Hot welding head temperature:

a. Temperature adjusting range25℃~250℃;

b. Different range between real  temperature of Hot welding head and display temperature on machine is±5.

Applicable  materials:     different kinds of chips  and ISO standard cards.

Output rate   About  3000~3500cards/h( for milling 2 layers)

 About 2000 cards/h( for milling 3 layers)

Product percent of pass   99.8%


Product Video

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