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Multiple Chips Embedding MachineModel:YMJ-NO13-8000

Features: Multi-core smart card packer is used to punch and insert modules of different types and specifications into the milling chute. It integrates module punching, packaging and ATR testing functions. It can realize single-core, double-core and four-core packages of one card. It combines several groups of hot welding and cold welding to ensure the quality of chip packaging, stable operation of the machine and high quality of packaging.

Product Detail

Technical parameters:

Size: L2800*W1200*H1850 mm

Weight: 1500kg

Source: AC220V 50/60HZ

Air Compression: 6 kg/cm 2

Gas consumption: About 100L/min

Rate: 10KW

Control mode: Two axes located + PLC control

Precision: 0.01mm

System Accuracy: X, Y = 0.01mm

Applicable materials: different types of chips and ISO standard cards.

Operator: 1 person

Production speed: ID card: about 6000 pcs/h

Half-card: about 8000 pcs/h

Quarter Card: About 8000 pcs/h

Product Video

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