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Module Mounting MachineModel:YMJ-MF/COB-5000


The module mounting machine use to placing the chips, only need one operator. The machinery automation technologies instead of the traditional manual way to embedding the chip, which save the labor and reduce costs, at the same time, ensure the quality of the products.

In the machine structure, the machine is easy to operate and maintain, which enhances the service life of machine and the productivity.

The appearance and style of the machine is concise and easy, rationalization and hommization, and the user-friendly operator interface protect the safety of operators. We can also design the different style appearance according to different requirements.

We offer the perfect after-sale service and technical follow-up, and provide paid lifelong maintenance.

Product Detail


Main function

1.  It is suitable for mounting the bulk COB or cutting strip chips. Control by  the digital vibration feeder.

2.  With two vibration plates  and two tables to improve productivity.

3.  The sensors monitor the chip feeding and the quality of the IC, and if the IC  is broken, then get rid off the IC automatically.

4.  Accurate vibrator and the PLC to ensure the stable of feeding.

5.  According to different production technology, it can mount the front or back  side modules, just select by the HMI.

6.  It can be used for taping type or gluing type, which can be selected by the  HMI.

7.The  direction of COB or IC can rotate 45/90 degrees, just needle to add a  cylinder in the machine.

8.  With double vibration plate and double Worktable and two groups XY servo  design. The two Worktable can produce separate or at the same time.

9.  It can be surface mounting for different layout, and the two tables can  produce the different layout separately at the same time.

10.Materials  loading using dowel pin and vacuum absorbed, which is easy to adjust.

11.The  unique module fixing design ensures the accurate location of the module.

12.Use  the servo system to position to ensure the position accurate.

13.Use  the Delta PLC and the touch screen, stable and visualized.


Equipped with:

Control  system:   PC                        Power supply:     Taiwan MeanWell    

Servo  system:     Taiwan DELTA              Solenoid  valve:    SMC

Vibration  plate:     Made in China              Vacuum generator:  SMC

Air  cylinder:      SMC                      Fiber optic sensor:   SUNX

Zero-dedect  induction switch: SUNX             Gluing  machineMade  in China

Screw:             Taiwan HIWIN           

Slider:             Taiwan HIWIN  

Technical parameter

Overall  dimension: Approx. L1650W1200H1800 

Weight:            Approx. 850kg

Power  supply:     AC220V 50/60HZ 25A

Power:             3KW

Air  pressure:      6 kg /c

Air  consumption:  700L/min

Control:            Servo system + PLC

Accuracy:          Scale of servo system = 0.01mm

Applicable  materials: The cutting strip module or bulk COB which without burrs.

Operator:           1 person

Output  rate:        About 3500~5000pcs/hr

Product  percent of pass: 99.8%


Product Video

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