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Antenna Embedding and Bonding Two in One MachineModel:YMJ-EBTO-2000

Feature:Antenna Embedding and Bonding Two in One Machine can automatic embedding antenna, at the same time, the welding chip and antenna or other metals, set antenna embedding machine and bonding machine has the advantages in a body, servo control system, using domestic ultrasonic embedding line, double pulse current inverter welding chip and antenna, welding output pulse / voltage / current / time setting digital, intuitive monitoring, energy stability of welding power adjustable, only one person operation.

Product Detail

Technical parameter:

Overall dimension: Approx. L1700*W1400*H1850mm

Weight:  Approx. 1000kg 

Power supply: AC220V 50/60HZ 30A

Power: About 4KW


Air pressure:  6 kg /c㎡

Air consumption:  150L/min


Control:  Servo positioning + PC

Tolerance of adjustment: ±0.02-0.05mm

Accuracy: Scale of servo system = 0.01mm

Applicable materials: Has completed the filling materials ( personal requirements)

Operator:  1 person

Life time of welding tip: About twenty thousand to sixty thousand welding points

Output rate: 12 seconds a wire (5 turns) per head.

Product percent of pass: 99%

Product Video

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