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Full Auto Sheet Collating Machine Model:YMJ-ASC-1000
Full auto sheet collating machine is the new generation of Collating Machine, it adopts advanced ultrasonic technology to collate and attach the sheets and foils for card or inlay before lamination, which improves the bonding efficiency and production quality. Overlay foils and contactless Pre-lam (or Inlay) sheets feeding automatically, posit…
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Dual Interface Card Milling and Embedding Two in O… Model:YMJ-CC-4000+
This machine can suit for conductive glue, tin paste, conductive glue tape, contact IC technology. Conductive glue technology: Machine can achieve the function of milling, dust cleaning, glue dispensing, pre-welding, module punching, chip embedding, OCR checking, bad card separate collecting. Tin paste technology: Machine can achieve the function o…
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Multi-Function Magnetic Strip Mounting Machine Model:YMJ-AMS600
This machine incorporates multi-function of automatic magnetic strip peeling, automatic trimming, automatic collecting, magnetic strip mounting on sheets & magnetic strip mounting on film.
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Semi Auto Sheet Collating Machine Model:YMJ-ASC-500
Semi auto sheet collating machine use sweating soldering technology to collate and attach the sheets and foils for card or inlay before lamination. Overlay foils and contactless prelam (or Inlay) sheets feeding by manual, positioning by edge or CCD is optional, sheet correctionby vision system and corrected structure of XYZ axis.
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