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RFID Converting Machine - Wide Web Model:YMJ-CM-90W
The Full Auto RFID Converting Machine use for RFID lamination and die cutting, 3 layers or 4 layers dry or wet inlay reel to reel production is optional, inlay and printed layer peer-to-peer or not, just set in the software. Integrate glue dispensing online, converting, die cutting and test all in one. Suitable for wide web reel label , woven label…
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Full Auto Reel RFID Defect Stripping and Relabelin… Model:YMJ-RDSR-20K
Full Auto Reel RFID Defect Stripping andRelabeling Machine:Detect the HF/UHF finish product isgood or bad, appearance defects (is optional)(check the dirty, offset, bad printing, scratch, bar code, QR code, andnumerical code.) and chip information and external printedcode consistency. Machine will mark onbad label and strip the bad label, thenrela…
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The Reel RFID Label Detecting Machine use for detecting reel HF /UHF smart label. Code-writing and code-reading is optional, two stations readers and writers ensure data accuracy , code printer , code scanner and Ink jet printing for fault labels is optional.
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RFID Personalization Machine Model:YMJ-TP-30K
RFID Personalization Machine is suitable for single tag, paper card, ticket card, etc. automatic encoding and reading, UV ink-jet printing, testing and verify. The double card detection function ensures accurate feeding, high-precision belt conveying, with sensor monitoring, ensure the accurate conveying . With UV ink-jet printing optional. Multi-s…
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Reel RFID Muti-line Labeling Machine(2 heads) Model:YMJ-RML-12K
Reel RFID Muti-line Labeling Machine(2 heads) suitable for the reel materials labeling . Use the ultrasonic deviation to correct deviation, with high labeling accuracy and excellent quality. Easily to adjustment , high stability, multiple sets of electrical eyes to ensure the stability of the system. Receive material neatly, save production time an…
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